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Over my dead body! by beautyamber12
Over my dead body!
 Grave tried to shake off the sleepiness, he wrapped his arms around Sky and enveloped himself around the small flyer. "Over my dead body." He growled at him.

Weee! Done! *faints* I know that the body proportions are off and the shadings not done right and yada yada yada, but i finished it! So that's all that matters at the moment. X3 
 This picture was actually done for a scene in the amazing rp fight where having between Gravestone and Calypso. But in this scene, Scar makeshifts himself as Curbstomp and tells Grave to hand over Sky, but knowing that something wasn't right, the large Mech wouldn't give her up and then Amaro comes in to save the day. XD

 Yeah!! Know i know that there's alot of things done wrong, but...Pfft! I've tried and frankly, im tired right now. So, who cares what others think? Im just happy to finally finish the damn thing! XDD

...Funny thing is, Sky looks creeped out as shit. XDDD

 Gravestone belongs to :iconnuclearrabbit23:
 Sky belongs to me. X3 
 Yeah, i got hit with the art block, so i need some inspiration. X3 For others that didn't know, i need to practice with my sketching and i may use these in my Commissions once i get enough of them to fill a page. x3 

 Some may be colored in fully and some will be black and white, depending on my mood. 

Gizmo by beautyamber12
 Eeeee!! It's my little Minicon that Euro made while she had some free time X3 

 Okay, so there's a back story to this guy. 
 When Euro was bored and on her brake, the medic was bored and seeing how she needed some help with her patients, she made a little minicon. Now, since it cant turn into a vehicle, it curls into a ball instead and lives inside her chest compartment, only coming out when she tells it too. 
 Also, he can translate other languages and even use himself as a transmitter for different monitors at once! :D

 and thanks to Hanna, he was made!! :DD
  “These multiple brain systems communicate with each other through about a trillion tiny nerve cells called neurons. Neurons in the brain translate information into electrical and chemical signals the brain can understand.
They also send messages from the brain to the rest of the body.
Chemicals called neurotransmitters carry messages between the neurons. Neurotransmitters can be very powerful. Depending on the type and the amount of neurotransmitter, these chemicals can either intensify or minimize your body’s responses, your feelings, and your mood.
The brain works to balance the neurotransmitters that speed things up with the ones that slow things down to keep your body operating at the right pace.
Electrical signals keep the heart pumping continuously and at the appropriate rate to propel this routine.
These benefits may not apply to people with existing medical conditions, or who regularly take certain medications. In addition, researchers discourage people from beginning to drink just for the health benefits. Rather, you can use this research to help you spark a conversation with your medical professional about the best path for you.”
“….Anybody have a fucking clue what he just said?”

  Euro’s hand raised from her down position on the table, her mind split open as the doctor was probing it with his long, slender talon like fingers, hitting different nerves and such.
“Yeah! He was telling us how drugs can effect how your mind works! Take Blast off mind for example. Since he’s not only a space shuttle, but also a vehicle, he has what you would call “A double mind.” Onslaught’s mind is able to think of different codes and battle strategies in a split second.” Her other hand moved to the other three who stood on the other side of the table.
“Brawl’s anger makes his mind more opened for fighting techniques and Vortex’s mind is…very disturbing. As for Swindle, Nobody’s heard from that guy in years, so I’m guessing his mind is only set on money.”

 //XDD Being Trepan's fun! XDD


beautyamber12's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Hello, my names Amber, but you can call me Ambi! X3

You may see a few bots taking over my page, but that's normal here.

In Prime verse, Sky is dating Curbstomp, in a different one, she's dating Double tap. Who's he? well, he's this green mech right here.… and in some other universe (God i have so many XDD) she's with Stormfront (ForgottenHope's Oc)

before i made Curbstomp, Sky was all about this guy. But as time went on, my miner was made and they got together in one universe while in another, she's still with Double tap.

my group that i have is here -…

My likes:

:bulletyellow: Mechs that have a mask or a visor of there face. (It's my weakness)
:bulletyellow:Scars (I just love touching them and learning where someone got them)
:bulletyellow:Accents (Talk to me with an accent and i turn to jelly. No lie XD)
:bulletyellow:Finding and making a new friend that has an Oc that we like of one another. (They like one of mine and i like one of theirs)
:bulletyellow:having a guy friend make me blush and point it out, making me blush some more.
:bulletyellow:Skyping with friends and acting like a total nut. "D Even over a live cam chat on Skype.
:bulletyellow:making friends happy. :eager:
:bulletyellow:Snow! (I love it!!!!!)
:bulletyellow:Fluffy blankets! ( love snuggling in them or just snoozing on one in my free time)
:bulletyellow:Fluff drawings or suspenseful stories.
:bulletyellow:Getting picked up from a hug from a really close guy friend. (Sadly, that's only happened once... :( )
:bulletyellow:Piggyback rides. (Onward, my mighty steed! XD)
:bulletyellow: Talking with my friend Stewart. *Jumps around like crazy and starts squeaking* (Yes, i squeak when im really excited or poked in my sides. XD)

My dislikes:
:bulletblue:Zombies! (They give me nightmares and make me squeak till no end!)
:bulletblue:The dark....
:bulletblue:Elevators (There just boxes of death waiting to happen. i mean, your in a metal box behind held up in the air in a tunnel by a thing of coils and gears)
:bulletblue:Falling off of high places. (I scream like a little girl and i wont stop shaking)
:bulletblue:being scared.
:bulletblue:people using a sickly sweet voice too early in the morning as they say my name to do something.
:bulletblue:People asking dumb questions. (Ask a dumb question, expect a dumb sarcastic answer)
:bulletblue:Liars, thieves, credit stealers, God mods, Mary-sues, An Oc that is just plain stupid to be even called an Oc (Like a transformer that's a broomstick. i mean seriously...) or a repaint of a transformer that's already been made, like a cannon Character. Please, if your that desperate for an Oc, just ask someone for some help, not take an already made character and repaint it to claim it yours. That's just stupid, utterly and just plain ass stupid.)
:bulletblue:Others blaming me for stuff i never did/attention seekers.
:bulletblue:Getting hateful or rude comments/notes. (Okay, who did i piss off now? or going back to the one above this one)

:bulletred: Get me mad and i will bite.

About me:

Let's see, where to start? Well, You will see a bunch of bots on my page since im the owner of my cute twins, Sky and Hijack and there caretaker, The Miner Curbstomp. Dont mind his constant scowl, he's just trying to keep his friends safe. Sky, being the youngest by two hours gets into trouble the most around here. Since she's my cute little flier, she LOVES making friends and so do i, so i don't mind if you look around, share a comment or two, talk to my bots or me or just stop by to say "Hello", i'll always say "Hi' back.

About my bots:
Sky… : Being the youngest, this playful little flier loves soft things and energon treats. But be mindful of her wings, for they are sensitive to touch and she might kick out by accident. Get her mad and she'll attack you with her boomerang shields. But this little blue flier is a great friend to have.

Hijack… : This racer is Sky's older brother by two hours. having different alt modes, people wonder who there parents were since Sky is a flier while her brother is a grounder or a racer. Being a marksmen, this mech likes fighting with his gun and running around. His grin, scar on his right optic and neon green lines in his protoform make him a sight for the femmes.

Curbstomp… : The older sibling of the twins, he actually has no relation to them at all. He took the orphans in after saving them from a fire and healing there wounds. he looks after them like his own brother and sister and he'll do anything to protect them. So, don't pick on them unless you want to get a beat down from him. Since he works in the mines all day long, his frame is littered with scars and his arms are very strong, so dont be afraid to ask if you could touch them, of course, he might say no. XD Now, dont ask him about his optics unless you want to get yelled at or take his visor off.

If you want to see some great art work, check out these amazing artists. :D


Oc stuff!
The twins, Sky and Hijack and my own birthday-Aughust 2th
Curbstomp's- October 30th
Onyx's-April 1st (Since's he's Irish XD but im still designing him)
Eragon's- November 3rd (still in the design stage)

The wierd love/hate couple on my team- Sky and Curbstomp. XD

Waiting for a kiribian prize from :icondeceptigirl: :iconkinjy-dizp35: :iconno-pe:


Headshot group (5 max)
Oc sketches updated by beautyamber12
A collab of your oc headshots with color, depending on the time, i can only do 5 max for each one since these take time and effort to make and i would like others to get them too. x3

As before, please send the points as a gift if you want a commission since Da wont let me take the points once someone pushes the submit button. XC
headshot sketches
Filleonus by beautyamber12
B-day Gift by beautyamber12
a sketch of your Oc, please, if your going to want one, please send points by "Gift" since button doesnt let me get points until i get this new system figured out. Thanks!

 Like i said in my journal, for color like that, it'll cost another 10 points and please, 

 Yeah, i got hit with the art block, so i need some inspiration. X3 For others that didn't know, i need to practice with my sketching and i may use these in my Commissions once i get enough of them to fill a page. x3 

 Some may be colored in fully and some will be black and white, depending on my mood. 


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I would like some points please, so i could ask for commisions and get some beautiful art work here.

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AliTFP Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Mammy~!!!! *u need to reply to the note soon~!!!! I'm bored and wanna Rp with someone :D :XD:*
beautyamber12 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Student Artist
I know!!!
AliTFP Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
busy drawing ur comic???? can't wait to see the first page of it :D

(I'm so pissed off right dad is yelling at me to get stuff done when I haven't been on the internet all day for an experiment for my 3rd period today......I wasn't allowed to go on ANY social media, or have my phone on me either :crying: DO YOU KNOW HOW HERD THAT IS TO NOT HAVE MUSIC FOR THE HOLE DAY SO THAT WAY YOU DON'T GET DISTRACTED!?!?!!?!? I had to tell THREE of my four classes to shut the fuck up, because they where too loud for those in the classes that wanted to learn something today -_-')
jameson9101322 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hi there! Thanks for watching, and what a thrill to click to yoru page and see my CHief face! So fun :) Good job on him!
beautyamber12 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student Artist
X3 thank you much! 
 I actually stumbled across your page last night when i was looking for some Chief refs to go along with. (been trying to draw that man for months now) When i saw your comic, i just had to read it and im thrilled that i did. Though, my back did hurt after going through the 386 pages of it in almost 2 hours. XDD

 And it was nice to get a compliment from you. X3 im just wondering, have you've been drawing him a while, so you don't have to look at a reference of him anymore for when you did the comics? 
jameson9101322 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
Lol yes, the comic took me five years to complete. It wasn't long before I had his pattern memorized... I only ever looked at my scar ref for chests and backs should those occur... and by the last third (when he's back in armor) I missed his face dearly. 
beautyamber12 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student Artist
 Oh god, the ending had me tearing up inside. 

 But...there where a bunch of stuff i loved in the comic. 
 When he get Tetris stuck in the back of his head. XDD (*insert tetris theme* 
 The poker game! Favorite one of all. 

 When Sam told him how she should have packed a lunch for there little adventure into the woods. X3

 That look on his face when he saw his helmet being used as a toy. XDDD He was ready to punch the General's face in. XDD

 When he went back to sleep in his bunk like a little butterfly. XD

Getting the warthog out of the mud. (Hotness! All the muscles!!) >3

 Cortana telling him to leave her alone and make some friends. 

 When he was shooting and took out the ear plugs. XDDD The look on there faces. XDD
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AliTFP Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Diopside: hey.....why dont our two teams have a group picture?  Mean we've known each other for a long time and we don't have ONE single picture ofall of us together!!!

Now now....its up to Ambi if she wants our teams together perminately, not me...I'm all for it...but its mammy's choise over mine, so chill Diop!

Diopside: well, I guess....hey Ambi chick, I wanna have our teams together! *In a dimanding tone*

Oh for the love of Iyacon!!!! :iconfacepalmplz:
beautyamber12 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Student Artist
XD that's demanding. XDD and sure, I don't see why we cant have one together. :D
AliTFP Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, thats cool

Diopside: i still think that our teams should become one :T

Oh brother Diop....XD
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