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United States
Hello, my names Amber, but you can call me Ambi! X3

You may see a few bots taking over my page, but that's normal here. (Along with some other random stuff. XD)
*The lovely image above was done by my friend D-nightrain. (But i don't remember her new username. XC*

my group that i have is here -…

My likes:

:bulletyellow: Mechs that have a mask or a visor of there face. (It's my weakness)
:bulletyellow:Scars (I just love touching them and learning where someone got them)
:bulletyellow:Accents (Talk to me with an accent and i turn to jelly. No lie XD)
:bulletyellow:Finding and making a new friend that has an Oc that we like of one another. (They like one of mine and i like one of theirs)
:bulletyellow:having a guy friend make me blush and point it out, making me blush some more.
:bulletyellow:Skyping with friends and acting like a total nut. "D Even over a live cam chat on Skype.
:bulletyellow:making friends happy. :eager:
:bulletyellow:Snow! (I love it!!!!!)
:bulletyellow:Fluffy blankets! ( love snuggling in them or just snoozing on one in my free time)
:bulletyellow:Fluff drawings or suspenseful stories.
:bulletyellow:Getting picked up from a hug from a really close guy friend. (Sadly, that's only happened once... :( )
:bulletyellow:Piggyback rides. (Onward, my mighty steed! XD)
:bulletyellow: Talking with my friend Stewart. *Jumps around like crazy and starts squeaking* (Yes, i squeak when im really excited or poked in my sides. XD)

My dislikes:
:bulletblue:Zombies! (They give me nightmares and make me squeak till no end!)
:bulletblue:The dark....
:bulletblue:Elevators (There just boxes of death waiting to happen. i mean, your in a metal box behind held up in the air in a tunnel by a thing of coils and gears)
:bulletblue:Falling off of high places. (I scream like a little girl and i wont stop shaking)
:bulletblue:being scared.
:bulletblue:people using a sickly sweet voice too early in the morning as they say my name to do something.
:bulletblue:People asking dumb questions. (Ask a dumb question, expect a dumb sarcastic answer)
:bulletblue:Liars, thieves, credit stealers, God mods, Mary-sues, An Oc that is just plain stupid to be even called an Oc (Like a transformer that's a broomstick. i mean seriously...) or a repaint of a transformer that's already been made, like a cannon Character. Please, if your that desperate for an Oc, just ask someone for some help, not take an already made character and repaint it to claim it yours. That's just stupid, utterly and just plain ass stupid.)
:bulletblue:Others blaming me for stuff i never did/attention seekers.
:bulletblue:Getting hateful or rude comments/notes. (Okay, who did i piss off now? or going back to the one above this one)

:bulletred: Get me mad and i will bite.

About me:

Let's see, where to start? Well, You will see a bunch of bots on my page since im the owner of my cute twins, Sky and Hijack and there caretaker, The Miner Curbstomp. Dont mind his constant scowl, he's just trying to keep his friends safe. Sky, being the youngest by two hours gets into trouble the most around here. Since she's my cute little flier, she LOVES making friends and so do i, so i don't mind if you look around, share a comment or two, talk to my bots or me or just stop by to say "Hello", i'll always say "Hi' back.

About my bots:
Sky… : Being the youngest, this playful little flier loves soft things and energon treats. But be mindful of her wings, for they are sensitive to touch and she might kick out by accident. Get her mad and she'll attack you with her boomerang shields. But this little blue flier is a great friend to have.

Hijack… : This racer is Sky's older brother by two hours. having different alt modes, people wonder who there parents were since Sky is a flier while her brother is a grounder or a racer. Being a marksmen, this mech likes fighting with his gun and running around. His grin, scar on his right optic and neon green lines in his protoform make him a sight for the femmes.

Curbstomp… : The older sibling of the twins, he actually has no relation to them at all. He took the orphans in after saving them from a fire and healing there wounds. he looks after them like his own brother and sister and he'll do anything to protect them. So, don't pick on them unless you want to get a beat down from him. Since he works in the mines all day long, his frame is littered with scars and his arms are very strong, so dont be afraid to ask if you could touch them, of course, he might say no. XD Now, dont ask him about his optics unless you want to get yelled at or take his visor off.

If you want to see some great art work, check out these amazing artists. :D


Oc stuff!
The twins, Sky and Hijack and my own birthday-August 2th (Both turning 4 this year. :D)
Curbstomp's- October 30th (Turning 2 this year)
Onyx's-April 1st (Since's he's Irish XD but im still designing him) (Hmm, maybe..2?)
Eragon's- November 3rd (Who knows, let's give him 2! XD)

The wierd love/hate couple on my team- Sky and Curbstomp. XD

Waiting for a kiribian prize from :icondeceptigirl: :iconkinjy-dizp35: :iconno-pe:

Free Visitor Maps at
Get a FREE visitor map for your site!


Flat Color
B-day Gift by beautyamber12
Chief by beautyamber12
  Name kind of explains what it is. XD

 A flat colored Commission of an OC/ Character you would like 
Traditional Sktch Commission
Lazy doodle, me! With Color. X3 by beautyamber12
12814734 1728934837326613 5353312924381327250 N by beautyamber12
12803145 1730200853866678 4595607135849539970 N by beautyamber12
 (The last one is very old, that's why it was special enough to be outlined in black sharpie) 

 A clean sketch of your OC/ Character on paper. 
Color Commissions
Swimsuit by beautyamber12
Toxin by beautyamber12
Art collab with HybridYuki by beautyamber12
Troublesome twins. *Update FINAL!* by beautyamber12
Skyfall by beautyamber12
Comission Ambi By Sidian07-d701it1 by beautyamber12
A color Commission is when someone is having trouble finishing an image on there own. I do the work for them. 
 All the Buyer has to do is show me the image and tell me what they want. 

 That includes Colors, Backgrounds, Shading, Anything! (It's also why the price is much higher then the rest)  
  Well...this is it. 

 This tuesday morning around 9 am my time, i'll be moving into the Job corps dorm to start out my journey there. Im probably going to go into security since i cant deal with hot areas.

 And honestly...this move is scaring me. I DONT do well with people i dont know in public, NOPE!! 

 The worse part is that we have to start there for 2 weeks before asking for a weekend pass (Which i was abuse) and there isnt much wifi, so i wont be able to talk to people as much. 

  mmmmmrrrrrffffph! *Rolls in some blankets* i just wanna stay home. XC

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I would like some points please, so i could ask for commisions and get some beautiful art work here.

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MaryDec Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey, about that Art trade. For a long time waiting.....

Here is my part of the trade, made last year.

Art trade OC - EuroDancer by MaryDec
beautyamber12 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Yes and I'm sorry for making you wait.

A lot has came up for me since stuff has happened.

But I will get on to it as soon as possible.
MaryDec Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Well. I will tell only one. If your character is too complicated, feel free to tell me about it, I'll change to another. Good luck ^^
beautyamber12 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Oh, Don't worry.
At first I thought it was too detailed, But I finished it up last night.

I'll have it posted to you in a few hours.
(1 Reply)
Nix-Tempesedo Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for the watch! <3
Ilmadur Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016
Thank you for the faves.
DyaxDragons Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016  Hobbyist
Heya! How are you?
beautyamber12 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
High strung on emotions. What about you?
DyaxDragons Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2016  Hobbyist
I'm really sick but otherwise ok.
BlueStripedRenulian Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016  Student Filmographer
Thank you for the watch ^^ 
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